Artipin + ALSF
Branding / Product Artipin and Alex Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) are collaborating in the month of June during their Lemonade Days event to raise awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer. Lemonade Days is an annual event when thousand of supporters host a event or lemonade stand to raise money for childhood cancer research. Artipin will donate a percent of all sales and also donate 100% of its limited edition Artipin + ALSF product profits to support ALSF.
June, 2018
Branding / Packaging / Product Artipin is a range of limited enamel pins with different designs depending on the series. Each design is limited and when it’s sold out, its gone for good. Artipin will strive to make the best enamel pins of the highest quality that is possible. The Artipin enamel pins are something more than just normal pins, you should feel a sense of confidence and happiness when you wear one (or all) of their pins. It’s also more than just simple pin designs, Artipin is trying to grow it’s own community and also encouraging other people/designers to make something that is worth collecting for others.
June, 2018
Logo Collection
Logo / A small collection of some of my used and unused logomarks.
June, 2018
Coward Oncology
Branding / Logo Dr. Jim Coward aims to deliver truly holistic medicine by incorporating basic scientific research from the laboratory into the clinical management of various cancers alongside the provision of psychological support for patients.
October, 2017
Branding / logo For this project I only did branding and logo design.
June, 2018
Packaging / Branding
June, 2016
Arabella and Rose
Branding / Logo For this project I only did branding and logo design.
June, 2018
Logo design / Røst is a talent development program for film students and young actors. The "R" has been used to represent a red carpet, often associated with acting.
June, 2016
Logo / Branding
January, 2018
Branding / logo
May, 2017